Roasted Chicken

Roasting a whole chicken is by far one of my favorite things to cook. For starters, it is incredibly simple. Secondly, my home smells wonderful all evening. Lastly, it is delicious and serves beautifully. Like making your own chicken broth? Well, the leftovers are the perfect base!

Below you will find roasted chicken three ways: a citrus chicken with a bite from garlic from Giada, a beautiful herb roasted chicken recipe and lastly a BBQ rub chicken!

Both lemon and orange juices make this chicken juicy and flavorful. One of my families favorites, I serve it along side fresh garlic green beans and a seasoned rice. Giada is my go to for healthy (not always Italian) family meals.

Garlic and Citrus Chicken


Herb roasted chicken is a classic because of its simplistic perfection. This recipe from is just that. Fresh herbs, lots of butter and a little wine make this a wonderfully seasoned chicken. Serve with buttery mashed potatoes and a great green vegetable like roasted brussel sprouts or asparagus.

Roasted Chicken with Herb Butter, Onions and Garlic


Finally, a tasty twist on the classic roasted chicken. BBQ spice rubbed chicken is a warm spicy change to the traditional roast. The smells and flavors will make this a favorite for sure! Serve with sweet potatoes roasted or mashed and your favorite cole-slaw!

This particular recipe is from by Sunny Anderson.

BBQ Rub Roasted Chicken



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